Does my Car Insurance policy allow me to drive other people's cars and if so what cars can I drive?

If you're eligible for this cover then it will be added to your policy automatically and will be shown in Section 3 of your your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

If you've registered for an online Policy Portal, you can view your Certificate of Motor Insurance in your online documents. If you're eligible, the section should read: 

'The Policyholder, , may also drive a car that is not owned by them, or hired or leased to them under a hire purchase or leasing arrangement, providing they have the owner's permission to drive the car.'

This cover allows the policyholder to drive someone else's privately owned car as long as you have their permission to do so. Please note that this cover doesn't include any damage you cause to their car.

Your car must still be insured with us and on the road, and the other person's car must also be insured.

This extension doesn't allow you to drive commercial, leased or rented vehicles.