Can I use my No Claim Discount from a company car?

Yes. If you're a company car user who’s moving to your own insurance, we’ll need a letter from your employer confirming the following:

  • You were the sole user of the company vehicle
  • The dates you were covered under the company car scheme
  • Details of any claims, incidents or losses that occurred during this period and whether these were settled on a faultor non-fault basis
  • That you no longer have a company car
  • That no more than 2 years have passed since you left the company car scheme

Please send the letter to us:

The Equinox
19 Cadogan Street
Glasgow G2 6QQ

The amount of No Claim Discount we give you will be based upon the number of years you've been claim free (fault claims only).

Please call us on 0345 607 0417 if you have any queries.