I am currently self-isolating and imagine I won’t be using my car for some time.  Can I defer cover?

We do have suspension option.  You can ask us to suspend your cover completely, or suspend all your cover except for fire and theft risks.

Suspension of cover can only continue until your next renewal date and is subject some conditions:

  • During the suspension period your car is not left on a public road and isn’t used.
  • This must be for the whole period of suspension and be for at least 30 consecutive days.
  • You give us notice before the suspension period begins and return the Certificate of Motor Insurance
  • You have not made a claim during the current period of cover.

When the suspension period ends:

  • You may be asked to send in proof of sale or a SORN document.
  • We’ll refund the unused premium (less 25% if fire and theft cover remains in force) as long as you have met the conditions above.

If you choose to suspend your policy the unused premium can’t be used to extend the period of cover.  If you pay by instalments, you must continue to pay these while the cover is suspended.