If I have a medical condition, will you still insure me on my Car Insurance?

As with any medical condition or treatment weu2019re happy for you to drive if your doctor has given you the go ahead and the DVLA is happy for you to hold a licence.

You donu2019t need to tell us about any treatment you may be having that could affect your driving. You should however, always check with your doctor to check that it is safe for you to drive.

If you have a condition that is required to be reported to DVLA, we would need to know what this is and what restrictions may have been placed on your licence.

We ask that you please call us on:

0345 608 6023


You can speak to our Live Chat Team (theyu2019re online Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-2pm). If theyu2019re available there will be a button below. If there isnu2019t a button, they may be a bit busy, so please try again after a few minutes.