What is an Uninsured Loss?

A measurable, financial loss that you have suffered as a result of your accident (at the fault of the Third Party), that is not covered by your Motor Insurance Policy. There are two categories of uninsured losses: Recoverable & Unrecoverable losses.

Examples of Recoverable Uninsured Losses:

  • Your Policy Excess
  • Hire Costs
  • Cost of Damage to Personal Belongings

Examples of Unrecoverable Uninsured Losses:

  • Difference in Insurance Premium Costs
  • Difference in the Value of your Vehicle
  • Fuel Costs

If you took out MLP (Motor Legal Protection) with your insurance policy, then we will look to recover these on your behalf. If not, you will need to approach the Third Party Insurer yourself for reimbursement of these Recoverable Uninsured Losses once liability has been accepted.