I've made a Claim with you, why do I need to go through my details again with the Solicitors or Credit Hire Company you've appointed?

Sometimes, to ensure that you are getting the best services available to you, we will outsource certain aspects of your claim to third party companies (with your permission).

This could include our Panel Solicitors (if you wanted to make a claim for Personal Injury OR to assist us with recovering the costs of your claim from the Third Party insurer). This could also include a Credit Hire Company (if you are entitled to a similar replacement vehicle to your own and we were unable to source this for you ourselves).

When we instruct another company to assist with your claim, we will always try to provide them with as much information as we can to avoid you having to go through all of your details again. However, they will sometimes need to verify certain information with you and all we ask is that you provide your full co-operation to ensure that your claim continues to run smoothly.