What is Geo Waterlock?

The Geo Waterlock device is plumbed onto the incoming copper pipe that brings water into the property. Wireless sensors are placed around the home to detect standing water or changes in humidity. If they are triggered the device shuts off the water, preventing more water entering the house.

Will Waterlock still work if my home internet is not working?

Yes, Waterlock will still function.

Can I arrange for my plumber to install a Waterlock product in my property?

Yes, you can purchase the Waterlock product and arrange for your local tradesman to install it.

I am not sure if my property is suitable for the Waterlock product, can you help?

If you contact Geo they can provide guidance on the suitability of the product including arranging a survey if required. Please also view the following information here

Do you have more information about how Waterlock works?  

Details around the product and how it works can be found here

What do the sensors in Waterlock do?

The sensors placed around the home detect standing water and communicate through the hub to the stopcock to turn the water off.    

Are there different Waterlock units?

There are two different types of unit. You will need either a 15mm or 22mm Waterlock unit depending on the size of the pipe coming out of your main inbound stopcock. 

Where will the Waterlock be fitted?

The Waterlock unit will be fitted just after your stopcock but before any pipes branch off from the main pipe.

How many sensors will I need?

Sensors are best placed where you feel that there could be an escape of water, e.g under sinks, water tanks and anywhere you have had an issue previously.   

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